Mine with the cactus is an obsession, especially with the smallest. I really do not know what happens to me but as soon as I see a mini cactus, whatever the variety is, I’m stuck. But the thing goes beyond the plant theme itself, it seems that this cactus has hit hard with more people and I have seen inventions that really are a real pass. So today I would like to share with you some ideas for decorating and making DIY Cactus without the need for skewers or special care. In addition, they are fantastic ideas and very easy to do at home even with the smallest.


With thick paper or cardboard, you only need basic craft material to make these precious things.


For the more handsome with this seam, these ideas are really beautiful. I especially like the idea for needles.


This option is perfect for spending a very fun afternoon with the little ones!


This from the cuños also seems to me that it is something that kids love the most, to make one of these you only need a big rubber or a potato also serves.

Via: link in each image

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