We live in times of immediacy. Everything goes very fast today. The speed takes you to evade, to go through a situation without actually going through it. To leave out the details and, with them, the essence of many realities. Devoured life dizzily, sometimes without enjoying it.

Under the premise of sustainable design and Slow Deco movement, ECODECO believe that it is time to stop a little, stop this hectic lifestyle, stopping to contemplate and savor the time, stop to appreciate and value the things we have.

In ECODECO we have learned that everything worthwhile takes time. With furniture happens the same, to get a unique product meticulous prescription required, with full raw materials nuances and history.

But only time will truly be seen through respect. Respect for us, to our history, respect for nature, respect for life and, above all, respect for the future of our planet.

That’s why all our products are made from raw materials from sustainable resources and / or recycled, because we all have a second life.

Let us give a second chance to decorate our homes, enjoy every detail however small, because small everyday pleasures can be experienced only if you live slowly.