We have talked many times of original ideas to make furniture with recycled materials and different tables, but never ceases to amaze me the amount of furniture that can be generated from other elements reused. Singer tables are the example par excellence of the industrial table because it meets all requirements: metal, recycling, industrial use readapted, history and, above all, personality! I do not know if you are one of the lucky ones that have an old sewing machine, either the Singer brand or any other, but who has it I assure you that it has all a treasure, because the structure of one of these sewing machines is perfect To use as a base to make a table. Today I’m going to teach you how to use these tables and the types of board that can be put on top to create furniture that are authentic works of art.


The ideal use for the Singer table because of its size you can put it in any corner of the house.


One of the most surprising uses is as a base for the washbasin cabinet, it is usually used in courtesy toilets where it does not need a large storage capacity and where an original result is sought.


If you are looking to make your Singer machine the real protagonist of your house, the dining room is your ideal place. Put a good board on top and you’ll see how it delights any food.


Putting a simple glass board on top will give more prominence to the legs and will also become a lighter table, perfect for any corner.


If you want the industrial effect to be round you just have to look for a recycled wood board for the surface.


Looking for pictures to teach you in this post I have encountered lots of original ideas, such as this table-bar or dressing table. The truth is that the possibilities are endless, give wings to your imagination!

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