About us?

Behind ECODECO we are Lourdes and Pablo, co-workers and also life partners.

I (Lourdes) am creative, an architect by profession and recycler of birth. I’m behind the voice of ECODECO, I write the post and social networks. I’m the crazy ideas. I love lists.

Pablo is the sensible family, logistics is their thing and always have the numbers under control. Love to travel. He hates lists.

Together we complement each other and join forces to fulfill our dreams. It lists is another story …

For us it is essential to enjoy the little everyday pleasures, is why ECODECO emerged under Slow Life philosophy. We want to learn to contemplate and savor the time, live life more slowly to appreciate and value the things we have.

But only time will truly be seen through respect. Respect for us, to our history, respect for nature, respect for life and, above all, respect for the future of our planet.

Furniture is our passion but ecology is our obsession. That is why we are committed to the “Ecodesign unhurried,” a more rational sustainable production and consumption of resources.

ECODECO has given us the opportunity to enjoy every day with our work, being true to ourselves and to our planet. But it´s you that every day manage to make this dream come true, thanks!