The wood is a natural and very cozy material that always fits in any decorative style, that is why it is a very attractive material for the frame of the mirrors. If you also want the mirror to have presence and prominence within a room, the ideal is that the wood is special, such as recycled or old wood, where you can taste the history behind the material.

Today I would like to share with you some ideas of possible locations for mirrors with recycled wood frame, so you can see how practical they are and how beautiful they are in almost any corner of the house .


The standing mirrors are perfect for the bedroom, do not take up much space and are very useful to take a look at the entire body. Another option would also be in small format and supported on a chest of drawers, such as a small dresser.


There is nothing that gives more scope to a small space like a mirror. If in addition the mirror has the personality of the recycled wood you will not need much more to dress this stay of the house.


Yes, it turns out that the mirrors with wooden frame also look ideal in the bathroom. The options are multiple: large mirror in horizontal position, 2 small mirrors in vertical position, one horizontal mirror in horizontal …


Any corner of your living room or dining room will come to life with any of these wooden mirrors, guaranteed!


If you are looking for something similar to the environments that we have seen in the previous images, in ECOdECO we have two precious models of mirrors with frame of recycled wood. Click on each photo to see all the details.

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